Rodent repellers for professional electronic pest control





Emmedi s.a.s. operates in the field of professional electronic pest control. We distribute and install ultrasonic rodent repellers and seismic rodent repellers to be used in the agricultural, industrial and civil pest control. Along with that, we offer consultancy in planning and installation of custom-made rodent repeller systems.  

The electronic rodent pest control by ultrasounds and seismic waves represents now an effective alternative solution, safe and environment-friendly, to the chemical pest control which involves the use of rodenticides, chemicals and poisons.  The electronic rodent repellers are able to fight infestations of mice, rats, dormice and other rodents, in a natural way with long-lasting results.  In certain cases and under certain conditions, our pest control devices can be used to fight pigeons too.

Emmedi electronic pest repellers are made for professional use, they are compatible with the H.A.C.C.P. regulation and can be used in any field: pest control of public utility goods, light and heavy industry, agriculture and livestock, agro food industry and private housing.


It is extremely important to take immediate action against rodents.  They are highly prolific several times a year; if you do not take the right precautions on time, they will cause serious hygienic and economical issues. 

We offer you our full expertise and experience, skills matured in years of specialization in fighting rodents.